Reset Realign Relax

with Janice
Available Thursdays from 11am-7pm


A life changing technique that involves a light touch to 32 points (Bars) on the head. While lying down, a light touch is applied and held to different points (Bars) on the head. The points (Bars) stimulate a positive neurological response while releasing thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions, and beliefs that are no longer serving.

60 Minutes $90


A traditional ancient Chinese form of healing. Dry cupping consists of suctioning silicone cups onto the skin to treat aliments from muscle pain to anxiety to headaches.

30 Minutes $40


An alternative practice that removes impurities away from the ear. An ear candling treatment has the guest lying sideways on the bed. A special candle is inserted into the external ear canal and then lit. A gentle massage is incorporated around the ear, neck, and shoulder. One experiences physical and mental relaxation.

60 Minutes $50


A practice that is good for mind, body, soul, and well-being. The guest is led through the basic steps of a meditation session. A period of time to bring focus, stillness, and peacefulness into one’s life.

30 Minutes $35


An ancient non-invasive form of hands-on energy based on healing. While laying down fully clothed, the practitioner’s hands are placed and held, palms down, on specific energy locations of the body.

60 Minutes $90

REFLEXOLOGY Coming July 2024

The services received are intended for general purposes only and are not to be a substitute for professional medical treatment for any condition, medical or otherwise, that guests may have. While all services are in good faith, guests are to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or medical practitioner in the case of serious illness.